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Leisure Acres RV & Mobile Home Park

  3651 US Highway 27 South
Sebring, FL 33870
Intended to provide information relevant to residents of Leisure Acres, Sebring Florida

A view of Leisure Acres on YouTube
by Claude Marcil

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Leisure Acres Dinner Shows and Tours 2013-2014

Leisure Acres Dinner Shows and Tours 2014-2015

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Leisure Acres Indiana Group
First Monday November   11:00 a.m.   — Indiana Dinner at Homer's
First Monday December   11:00 a.m. — Indiana Dinner at Homer's
First Monday January  11:00 a.m. — Indiana Dinner at Homer's
First Monday February11:00 a.m. — Indiana Dinner at Homer's
First Monday March 11:00 a.m. — Indiana Dinner at Homer's
First Monday April   11:00 a.m. — Indiana Dinner at Homer's
July Indiana Dinner T.B.A.      11:00 a.m. July ?? TBA — Indiana Dinner at MCL Cafeteria
— 5520 Castleton Corner Ln
— Indianapolis, IN 46250

Leisure Acres Genealogy Group
Usually Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays.
New, Old, Beginners, help, trouble shooting, conversation.
Leisure Acres Craft & Hobby Building 1:00 p.m.
December - March
Genealogy Links

Leisure Acres Computer Users Group
Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. - November - March
Leisure Acres Hobby Room — 7:30 p.m.

Contact: Stuart Clark

Computer Links

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Leisure Acres RV & Mobile Home Park
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Leisure Acres Computer Users Group

Chief Moderator Stuart Clark
8046 Pennsylvania Road
Assistant Moderator Bob Stornant       9075 Illinois Circle
Director of Education Claude Marcil       Lot 8075
Leisure Acres Computer Group Bylaws

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Computer Users at Leisure Acres

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Name Lot E-Mail Website/Homepage
Jean Burris     6024 North Carolina         JJBurr2@yahoo.com  
Stuart Clark 8046 Pennsylvania Stu46614@yahoo.com    
Donald Gradeless       5012 South Dakota Drive     Gradeless@gmail.com gradeless.com
Richard Moxham 1050 West Virginia Drive Moxy42@hotmail.com  
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Sebring, FL     (863) 658-0038
Sebring, FL     (863) 658-0040
Sebring, FL     (863) 658-0050
Sebring, FL     (863) 835-9001
Sebring, FL     (863) 835-9019
AOL Nationwide 800 (Surcharges Applies)    (800) 716-0023

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Leisure Acres Genealogy Group

Usually Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays — December - March
New, Old, Beginners, help, trouble shooting, conversation.
Afternoons on the same day as the Computer Users Group meeting.
Leisure Acres Craft & Hobby Building 1:00 p.m.
Genealogy Links

    Lot #
Don Bowman
Roena Hardy    

MembersDon Bowman 1055
Donald GradelessGradeless@gmail.com     5012
Roena Hardy  3024
Luella Hochstetler       MamaHossH@gmail.com     6002
Jean Burris JJBurr2@yahoo.com   2021
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— [Coming Here Soon] —
Corrections / Additions / Changes to the
2007 Leisure Acres Park Directory
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This is not the site for the Leisure Acres RV & Mobile Home Park
It is intended for use by Leisure Acres computer users.

No endorsement by Leisure Acres or group in Leisure Acres should be implied.
Material presented here is intended for use by computer users in the park.

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Leisure Acres Mobile Home
Owners Association, Inc.

Officers 2010

Ester Foree 2036         President
Don Heyen 6001         Vice President
 -  vacant -         Secretary
Jerry Lesniak 9062         Treasurer
Charles Terry2024         Board of Directors
Robert Bonifas 2060         Board of Directors
Maurice Gaudette     2030         Board of Directors
Clarence Skiles 6008         Board of Directors
Dale Winiarski9054         Board of Directors
Robert Pennell9068         Board of Directors
Charles Terry 2024         Membership Chairman

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(Unofficial Copy)

Leisure Acres Mobile Home Owners Association Inc.
of Highlands County

(as amended December 9, 1999)

Article I.   Name

1.   The name of this organization shall be: Leisure Acres Mobile Home Owners
      Association Inc. of Highlands County.
2.   Address shall be: (Secretary's Name)
                                 3651 U S 27 South   (Secretary's Lot Number)
                                 Sebring, FL 33870

Article II.   Objective

1.   The objective of the Association shall be:
       a.   To promote general welfare and protect the rights and interest of the
       b.   If Leisure Acres is offered for sale by the owners, the Association will be in
             proper position to negotiate with owners at a fair and equitable price.

Article III.   Membership

1.   All owners of mobiles homes are eligible for membership.   Upon applying for
       membership and payment of dues, all owners of such mobile homes will become
       members of the Association and each household will have a vote.
2.   Members shall abide by the Association By-Laws.

Article IV.   Dues

1.   Initial dues for membership in the Association shall be five dollars ($5.00) per
2.   Additional dues shall be set by a majority vote of the members of the Association as

Article V.   Meetings and Quorums

1.   The Leisure Acres Mobile Home Owners Assocaiton Inc. shall hold an Annual
       meeting on the second Thursday of December of each year.
2.   All meetings shall by governed by these By-Laws, Robert's Rules of Order shall
3.   The members will be notified of each meeting at least four 4(days) prior to such
4.   Notification of meetings shall be posted on the bulletin board, stating the subject
       matter and purpose of the meeting with date, time and place of the meeting
5.   Fifteen (15) members shall constitute a quorum.
6.   Executive Committee meetings shall be open to all members. Three (3) members
       shall constitute a quorum
7.   Additional meetings of the Association may be called by the President. Or upon
       request of at least fifteen (15) members.

Article VI.   Officers

1.   Elected officers shall consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer,
       and Board of Six (6) Directors, elected at the December meeting and taking office
       on January 1st.
2.   The Board of Directors shall elect its own chairperson.
3.   Terms of office shall coincide with the fiscal year.
4.   Employees of Park management shall not serve on the executive committee.

Article VII.   Duties of Officers

1.   President.
       a.   Shall preside at, and conduct all meetings of the Leisure Acres Mobile Home
              Owners Association Inc.
       b.   Shall assist the Board of Director in the fulfillment of all rules and regulations
              that are adopted and passed by the membership.
       c.   Shall appoint all chairpersons of committees listed in the By-Laws.
       d.   Shall appoint a temporary Secretary if needed
       e.   Shall fill vacancies of officers and directors for unexpired terms of office.
2.   Vice-President.
       a.   Shall perform the duties of the president in his or her absence and shall advance
             automatically to the office of President if for any reason the incumbent President
             cannot finish her or her term of office.
3.   Secretary
       a.   Shall keep minutes of all general and special meetings.
       b.   Shall take care of all the Association's Correspondence as directed by the
             membership or the President.
       c.   Shall keep all records in proper order.
4.   Treasurer
       a.   Shall maintain an accurate general fund accounting record of all receipts and
       b.   Shall deposit all monies in the bank within a reasonable time of receipt.
       c.   Shall sign all checks. In the absence of the Treasurer, checks may be sign by
             the President.
       d.   Shall pay all bills approved by the membership.
       e.   Shall give a detailed financial statement at each meeting of the Association.
       f.   Shall submit all records for auditing.
5.   Board of Directors
       a.   Shall recommend to the membership business or suggestions brought to its
             attention which will enhance the welfare of the association.
       b.   Shall review and attempt to resolve members' bonafide complaints to the
             best of their abilities. If complaint is not resolved, shall make a recommendation
             at the next meeting of the membership or shall call a special meeting. The
             complainant must be a member of FMO to have the complaint forwarded to the
       c.   In the event of the absence of the Chairman, the Board will appoint a temporary
             chairman who will act as chairman and assume all the duties and responsibilities
             of the chairman.
6.   Executive Committee
       a.   The elected officers and directors shall serve as the executive committee.
       b.   They shall meet two (2) weeks prior to the annual meeting and whenever
             deemed necessary by the president.
7.   Nominating Committee
       a.   The president shall appoint a nominating committee of three (3) members at
             least thirty (30) days prior to the December meeting.
       b.   The nominating committee shall endeavor to submit a slate of one (1) or more
             nominations for each office. This slate of nominees shall be posted at least
             seven (7) days prior to the annual meeting. Further nominations shall be
             accepted from the floor at the December meeting.
       c.   When more than one member is nominated for an office, the election must be by
             secret ballot.
       d.   The nominating committee and two (2) members appointed by the President shall
             handle the balloting and report the results.
       e.   Elections shall be held at the December meeting.
8.   Auditing Committee
       a.   Shall consist of two (2) members appointed by the President.
       b.   There shall be a general audit at the end of each year and whenever it is
             necessary to replace the Treasurer.
9.   Membership Committee
       a.   The president shall appoint a membership committee chairman.
       b.   The chairman shall be responsible for contacting all new homeowners and
             solicit their membership.
       c.   the chairman shall keep records of all paid up members and a separate
             record of those owners who have chosen not to join.
       d.   All membership monies (dues) shall be deposited with the association

Article VIII.   Fiscal Year

1.   The fiscal year shall be from January 1st to December 31st.

Article IX.   Compensation for Service

1.   There shall be no compensation for services rendered by members or officers of the

Article X.   Amendments To The By-Laws

1.   Amendments to the By-Laws shall be proposed and adopted in the following
       a.   Notice of the subject matter of a proposed amendment shall be included in the
             notice of the annual meeting at which time the proposed amendment is to be
       b.   Amendments to the By-Laws may be submitted by any member to the
             Executive Committee at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting in
             December. The Executive Committee shall ascertain the legality of the
             change. The Executive Committee shall place it in proper force for a vote at
             the annual meeting.
       c.   For the purpose of the adoption of amendments to these By-Laws a quorum of
             thirty (30%) percent of the members shall be required.
       d.   A two thirds (2/3) majority of those voting shall be required for the adoption
             of an amendment.
       e.   Members not in residence shall be notified by mail, at the address as listed in
             the park directory. Their ballot must be returned and received by the
             Executive Committee prior to the meeting date.
       f.   Returned ballots shall be included as a part of the quorum.
       g.   Any and all By-Laws not included herein as required by Chapter 723 of the
             Florida Statures shall be deemed to be included as part of these By-Laws.

The following motion was presented at the December 9, 199 meeting.

The club officers shall be empowered to pay all normal operating expenses.

Motion was seconded and passed.

Click to view or print By-Laws on 2 pages or on 6 pages.

If you spot an error or notice a correction that is needed please notify the webmaster.

No endorsement by the management of Leisure Acres or any club or individual should be implied.

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Leisure Acres Mobile Park Activities Club
Officers 2009 - 2010

Dale Baughman President
Ben Falldorf Vice President
Ruth Purk Secretary
Wilda Becker   Assistant Secretary
Leann Miller Treasurer
Barbara Snyder         Assistant Treasurer

Everyone who lives in Leisure Acres is expected to pay membership dues, and be a part of our activities. All activities are available for use by our members.

Dues are $15.00 per year, payable to membership chairperson on arrival.

Dues include use of pool hall, shuffleboard courts, and most activates in clubhouse.

There is a calendar of events available in the clubhouse November thru March.

As you can see, we have a full calendar of activities for our members— come join and be part of the fund.

If there is an activity we don’t have and you would like to see added please see a member of the board.

We also have Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinner in the clubhouse — meat is furnished — bring a dish to share.

As a member you are also eligible to vote in the November and March meeting

Membership dues must be paid to participate in all activates

Membership dues include

  • Monday Night Programs
  • Crafts, Painting classes, Scrap booking, Crocheting, Quilting
  • Cards and Cribbage
  • Use of Pool hall, Shuffleboard courts and Library
  • Dance
  • Carry-in dinners
There is an additional charge for
  • Pancake Suppers
  • Chili Suppers
  • Bingo
Coffer hour on Thursday — there is a fee for the coffee and doughnuts, but the social hour with your friends is free.

Bike tour on Wednesday is a leisurely 2 to 3 hour ride around Sebring and surrounding areas.

The Computer Users Group is not part of the club and therefore has it’s own membership rules.

Leisure Acres Mobile Park Club Bylaws

Club Bylaws Revised & Effective March 13, 2006

Club Bylaws Revised & Effective November 16, 2009

If you spot an error or notice a correction that is needed please notify the webmaster.

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Local Links of Interest

Florida Hospital — Sebring
4200 Sun 'n Lake Blvd.
P.O. Box 9400
Sebring, FL 33871-9400
Fax: 863-402-3415

Florida Hospital - Lake Placid
1200 U.S. Highway 27 North
Lake Placid, FL 33852
Fax: 863-699-4339
Map it with Mapquest

Florida Hospital — Wauchula
533 W. Carlton St.
PO Box 2355
Wauchula, FL 33873-2355
Fax: 863-773-0126
Map it with Mapquest

Heartland Electric
Commercial & Residential Wiring
Greg Bassett - 863-385-3038
Replaced my Main Breaker Box quickly &
at a fair price on Leisure Acres Lot 5012.

Heartland Home Health Service
Phone 863-385-1400 Fax 863-386-6347
4005 Sun N. Lakes Blvd., Sebring, FL 33872

Highlands Regional Medical Center
3600 South Highlands Avenue
Sebring, Florida 33870
(863) 385-6101
Fax: (863) 385-3489
Map it with Mapquest

Hotel Jacaranda Dining
19 East Main Street
Avon Park, FL 33825

Map it with Mapquest

(863) 453-2211

Lord's Nursery

Mobile Home Depot
1 Mile south of Leisure Aces
4532 US 27 South
Sebring, FL 33870
Tel: 863.471.3325

Sebring Chamber of CommerceMembers

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Local & Government Links

Avion Park Chamber of Commerde

Busch Gardens - Tampa

Cypress Gardens

Disney World

Federal Emergency Management Agency

My Florida - Florida Attorney General

Florida ConstitutionFlorida Laws

Florida Questions? - Florida Voting

Heartland Electric
  Commercial & Residential Wiring  
Greg Bassett - 863-385-3038
Replaced my Main Breaker Box quickly
& at a fair price on
Leisure Acres Lot 5012.

Highlands County:   Board of Commissioners - Clerk of Courts -
Property Appraiser - Sheriff's Office - Supervisor of Elections - Tax Collector
Highlands County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Highlands Hammock State Park - Highlands Today

Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce

  Mobile Home Depot  
  Mobile Home Parts & Supplies  
RV Accessories
Aluminum Products

1 Mile south of Leisure Aces
4532 US 27 South
Sebring, FL 33870
Tel: 863.471.3325
Fax: 863.471.3325
Lanco Roof Coatings

MovieFone - Sebring

Passports - State Department

Sea World of Orlango

Sebring Chamber of Commerse - City of Sebring - Gallery Walks
Sebring Historial Society - Highlands Today

Sebring International Raceway

Sebring News Sun Online

Social Security Online

Southern Florida Community College - Performing Arts

State Governments & agencies

State of Florida

Tampa Tribune


US Postal Service:   Find A Post Office - Postage Calculator - Trak & Confirm - Zip Codes


ARIALal Orlando - Visit Florida

Voting in Florida

WEDU-3 - WFLA-8 - WTVT-13 - WUSF-16 - WFTS-28 - WTOG-44

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FIRE at Leisure Acres
March 2007

Kenny Stewart & Mary Ann Morrow were here at my home in Leisure Acres playing Hand & Foot with mother and I when we heard sirens that sounded like they were coming to the park. So between hands I went to check if they were in the park and amazingly they were on second street. I called back to the house and told them it was on their street. It was their house. They are now staying with me for a few days. Read the Story.

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